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Maheshwari & Co. having its head office in Delhi NCR, India and network offices in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai is highly recongised by the Indian community living across the globe. We are one of the best Law Firm having specialized legal advisors for NRI services.

At Maheshwari & Co., we are involved with serving Indians living in UK,USA and Canada by assisting them in understanding the complexities and consequences of the legal matters already pending or simultaneously arising in the different courts of India. It is our endeavor to make our clients familiar with the Indian laws and the legal system and simplify the process of their proceedings.

Legal cases involving the NRIs may engage multiple areas of law and deal with the Indian authorities. It is the aim of the firm to provide its clients the service of an efficient, experienced and trustworthy lawyer who will manage the cases in India. Maheshwari & Co understands the limitations and the problems that can be faced by individuals when it comes to handling legal matters in a foreign country.

Hence, the goal of Maheshwari & Co. is to provide solutions in the most efficient & cost effective manner to the NRIs with the help of our highly qualified team consisting of professional and experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Business and Management Advisors.

Maheshwari & Co. provides the facility to NRIs residing in different countries to get introduced to an Indian qualified Lawyer who will elaborate and discuss our matter and will give you advice/assistance and suggest solutions accordingly.

Therefore, most of the clients do not require a visit to India to attend to their legal affairs as our expert team shall take care of things for them. The Firm ensures that the needful is done in your case depending on what course of action would be in your best interest.


Our Services :

-Representation before various courts in relation to legal disputes /cases.

-Drafting and execution of Wills and testaments

-Drafting and execution of Power of Attorney

-Company formation in India /Joint Ventures /Making Investments

-Filling and registration of Pan Card /Adhar Card

-Estate management and drafting of appropriate due diligence and documents for administration.

-Matrimonial matters /Divorce proceeding / Child custody /Settlement/ Adoption

-Immigration and citizenship issues

-OCI Applications

Number Speaks


Cases Represented


Joint Ventures


IPR Matters




Cross Border Transactions



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