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Let our experience pave the path to your success.

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    Let our experience pave the path to your success.
    USA Office
    640 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10019

    Tel: 646 431 4732

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    Corporate Office
    B 7/1, Safdarjung Enclave Extension New Delhi 110029

    Tel: +91-11-4135-4615 , 11 26101906

    F: +91 1126171201

    Mumbai Office
    Level 8, Vibgyor Towers C-62, Block-G Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400098 (India)

    T : 022--40907271
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    Ahmedabad - Bangalore - Chandigarh - Chennai - Goa - Gurugram - Hyderabad - Kochi - Kolkata - Pune - Shimla

    Presence in Other Countries:

    Maheshwari & Co. is the India Partner to many key International Legal Networks and work with various Law Firms across the world to provide global reach to our clients' business. Weincreasingly work on huge potential opportunities for our Clients globally in USA Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific Region & African markets.

    Our International Network is strengthened by the extensive experience and Legal Expertise of the team members along with strong sectorial experience majorly in the following countries:

    Algeria - Belgium - Brazil - Brunei - Bulgaria - Côte D'Ivoire - Costa Rica - Colombia - Cambodia - Czech Republic - China - Denmark - Dominican Republic - El Savador - Egypt - France - Germany - Guatemala - Greece - Hongkong - Honduras - Hungary - Ireland - Indonesia - Luxembourg - Laos - Lithuania - Lativa - Malaysia - Maracco - Myanmar - Nigeria - Nicaragua - Portugal - Peru - Phillippines - Poland - Romania - Singapore - Spain - Scotland - Switzerland - Slovakia - The Natherland - Tunisia - Turkey - Thailand - United States - United Kingdom - Vietnam - Zambia

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