Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Maheshwari & Co. embrace corporate responsibilities that extend beyond our work.

Refreshing work environment and the vision to be the world’s leading IPR Law Firm, brings the best legal brains together in the organisation. Hands on experience and unparalleled insight on effective technological resources, knowledge management, relation management, communication networking along with the vast research on recent developments in economic and legal spheres creates challenging and interesting roles for the associates here. They not only become a skilled professional, but also a better human being by giving back to the society as a way to lead a meaningful life.

We blend professional expertise with deep values to not only build a trusted relationship with our clients but to also proactively undertake pro-bono activities such as supporting various social welfare programmes, reaching out to orphanages, and extending our help to underprivileged children to get primary education on a regular basis.

Maheshwari Foundation

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Maheshwari & Co. also works with Maheshwari Foundation, a non-profit organisation formed by Mr. Vipul Maheshwari. Maheshwari Foundation is working ardently in its endeavours to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society so that they can live with dignity. It envisages creating a society built on faith and virtue that overcomes poverty by a fair distribution of wealth, opportunities and resources.


Maheshwari Foundation is working towards building a just society by protecting children in overcoming the menaces of infant mortality, malnutrition, deprived education (either unable to enroll in the schools or even if they do enroll then the dropout rate remains much higher), etc. Even if the child manages to survive these adversities, the chance of becoming a labour remains much higher. The Foundation seeks to understand the needs of the disadvantaged children and to promote their well being. We believe that families, schools, non-profit organisations, businesses and government at all levels share complementary responsibilities in the critical tasks of raising new generations. The main objective of Maheshwari Foundation is to help the children from weaker sections of the society to have a healthy childhood and a quality education.

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