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The Best International Compliance Law Firm in India, Maheshwari and Co is considered among Top Law Companies in Delhi NCR, India owing to its quality Legal services, winning Legal strategies. Our extensive Legal experience and dedicated team of Professional Attorney make us well poised to emerge as the Top Legal Consultants in India!

Maheshwari & Co offers a comprehensive suite of legal compliance & due diligence services that are cost-effective with excellent turn around time.

With the corporate sector on the rise and the consequent regulations becoming more and more complex, it is necessary to ensure that the policies and procedures of your company are in compliance with the rules and guidelines formulated by various regulatory authorities. Ensuring legal compliance is a time-consuming as well as labor-intensive task.

Maheshwari and Co. has a  team of experienced professionals who can provide a value-addition for detailed, efficient and in-depth diligence reports.


Our Services :

- Document review services to analyze Compliance Manuals, Code of Ethics, Policies,and Procedures, Standard Investment Advisory Agreements, Disclosure Brochures,and other compliance-related documents.

- Preparation of Annual Reports for clients.

- Drafting compliance-related documents like Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Program, Holdings Report, Compliance Exception Report.

- Tracking all regulatory compliance filings.

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