Business Setup in India

Maheshwari & co. offers thorough assistance in helping you in setting up business in India.

In India, a foreign investor may start their business in the following three manners.

1. Indian Company

The investor may start his business either as a

a) Joint Venture

b) Or a Wholly Owned Subsidiary both Private and Public limited (as according to the Companies Act, 2013)

2. Foreign Company

The investor may choose to expand his business in India in the form of a

a)Liaison Office

b)Branch office

c)Or a Project Office

Business Setup in India
Company Secretarial Services in India

Limited Liability Partnership

Subject to the provision of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, an investor may commence his business setup in India as an LLP or a corporation. One may have minimum of 2 partners for its corporation as an LLP, while Public subscription of shares would not be allowed. The LLP may be incorporated for a specific purpose in India and is not allowed to carry any activity or expand in any other area, other than that specific activity. It would be allowed to commence soon after obtaining the incorporation certificate. An LLP allows you to have 100% foreign ownership due to lack of restriction in this regard.

How does Maheshwari and Co. help?

Maheshwari and Co. aid you right from the business registration process to the Approval and Compliances. India as a land of umpteen opportunities allows you to start-up a business in India fairly easily. With its low-cost compliances and ever rising economy it draws in alarge number of investors.

For Start-ups

It is extremely important for a start-up business in India to be acquainted with all legalities surrounding a business, to have their business idea lead to fruition and their product and/or service available to its customers. Our expertise, eases this burden by helping them adhere to the regulations and existing laws, follow the regulatory compliances, protecting the intellectual property of the company and maintaining relationships with their consumers, vendors etc.

Maheshwari & co. assists Start-ups in areas including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate Laws, Capital Markets, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.

The following services are provided by us to facilitate new/existing start-ups:

  • Incorporation of Company (Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company etc.)
  • Registration and Recognition as Start-up with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (Registration with DIPP ensues Tax Holidays, Tax Rebates, Relaxed Labour and Environmental Compliances and also Benefitting IPR Regime).
  • Help in Procuring funding (Procuring/Managing Funding from Angel Investors)
  • Drafting and vetting of contracts of commercial nature
  • Mandatory Taxation and Statutory Compliances –
    • Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    • Obtaining Tax Deduction Account (TAN)
    • Obtaining Import Export Code (IEC) (for export of services & goods)
    • Obtaining Value Added Tax (VAT) (for trading businesses)
    • Obtaining Service Tax Registrations (for rendering of services)
    • Accounting and Book Keeping
    • Statutory Audit under Companies Act, 2013
    • Tax Audit
    • Annual Filings with the Registrar of Companies
    • Annual Income Tax Return filing
    • Quarterly filing of TDS returns
    • Monthly e-filing of VAT returns
    • Half yearly filing of Service Tax Returns
    • Maintaining of Statutory Registers, Minutes Books,
    • Helping Companies hold Board Meetings, AGM etc.
  • Awareness and Adoption of the Intellectual Property Rights (Facilitate Filing of Patents, Trademarks and Designs by innovative start-ups)
  • Facilitating Start-ups in Manufacturing Sector (Areas in priority sector and also Procurement of Products by PSUs)
  • Winding Up and Exit Strategies for Start-ups.
  • Litigation (Patent & Trademark Infringement, Contractual Disputes, Representation before Taxing Authorities, Contracts of Commercial Nature and Arbitration).

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